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IT Services for Architects

Rising Technology in Today's Architecture

The technological demands in architecture are steadily increasing to an almost complete dependency. Although hand drafting plans and sketching will never disappear, the advancements in technology will only strengthen and evolve. With this advancement in technology comes the aspect of implementing and structuring the introduction of new technology.

In our experience with Architects, and architectural firms, we know that computer power is essential when dealing with any sort of 3D modeling and rendering. With the way the software industry is going with introduction to AI and large amounts of computer processing, it is imperative to keep systems up to spec and within the minimum system requirements. If systems lack the ability to meet the minimum system requirements, they suffer from the inability to run certain software. KCM has an expertise in building computer systems that far exceed minimum specs, so that we leave tons of room for expansion in the future. We know that high quality equipment is necessary in the design and plotting stages in architecture, so we want to assure your confidence in us with managing and implementing this technology.

Not only is system processing and rending capabilities a large consideration for your computers, but files sharing and network structure is also important. Just like any of our other supported business models, network security and data preservation are the forefront of our design strategies.

With the expertise of KCM, we will provide your business with the security of a powerful network that is capable of expansion to all new technology.

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What Benefits do Architects Face with Managed IT Services?

Manged IT support will provide you and your business with the reliability of partnership where we will be your technology lifeline. Because architecture relies on technology to design and produce work so heavily, knowing that with any problem that may arise can be resolved with us will be your biggest asset. We strive to provide very quick response times, and service for any issues that may arise.


It is also worth mentioning that the reliability of your network security and data preservation is at the highest of priorities. KCM Technology will handle the data storage disaster recovery and retention plans. We will also provide you and your business with documentation on the structure of data storage and data backups.

The cost associated with managed IT services are just a fraction of what it would cost keeping your services in-house. We understand the time commitments and constraints that architects go through, and it would not only be a burden to your business to try to manage your own technology, but a large time commitment. When that is considered, the cost of outsourcing to technology experts like us is very minimal.

Hardware and Software

KCM has experience with a multitude of programs and software in the field of architecture. We also understand the critical aspect of your hardware and equipment. Some of the specialized software we have experience with are:

  • CAD Based programs such as AutoCAD

  • BIM Based programs such as Revit Architecture

  • 3D Modeling Based programs

    • Rhino 3D

    • SketchUp

    • Grasshopper

  • Rendering Based Programs

    • Lumion Pro

    • V-Ray

We understand that a lot of the programs work in conjunction with one another to create one cohesive project through use of plugins and live editor connections. KCM is very flexible to go whichever direction your business would like to go.

If you are interested in learning more about what KCM has to offer for Architects, please reach out to us at the link below!

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