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Reduce the number of servers that your organization needs by consolidating to a few high quality servers and “virtualizing” or installing other application-based servers on them. Not only will this reduce the upfront capital spent on hardware, it will reduce administrative costs.Decrease administrative overhead through virtualization. Decrease the hours spent configuring and patching individual applications on individual machines by virtualizing the applications on a host server. Application virtualization makes it easy to configure and patch one master application profile and push it out to all workstations. Not only does this reduce administrative overhead, in the event that a user has a problem with his virtualized application, it is quick and easy to copy the preconfigured master application deliver it to the user with minimal turnaround time.

KCM Technology has years of experience providing virtualization design and implementation services to organizations of all sizes. Our engineers are experts in recognized application and server virtualization technologies and have the knowledge and experience to help your organization choose the best network virtualization solution and implement it with minimal interruption of services.

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