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Provided Testimonials


Patrick Dempsey:

"We’ve been in business for the past 20 years and as we’ve grown and expanded, we realized that our technology infrastructure needed to be upgraded and vastly improved in order to meet our needs and the needs of our clients. Thru BNI, we met Ron and Amanda and from day 1 they provided us with honest advice and insight on what our current situation was and offered a plan in order to improve and upgrade our technology infrastructure. Especially when we began the process to open a second office location. They’ve helped us across the board; improve our security system & data files, replace old workstation, install a new VoIP phone system, install a new server & e-mail exchange server. Through the entire process, they were reliable, able to work with our team members and their needs, and were able to implement these upgrades and improvements during off hours and over weekends in order to keep our business running during our normal business hours. Without KCM Technology Consulting, this whole process would have been a nightmare and we thank you for all your help."


Dr. Pete Certo, DMD:

"I've been dealing with computer/network issues soon after opened my own business in 2003. Over the years, I have had numerous techs come in to "fix" the problems, only to have these problems rear their ugly heads over and over, especially after Microsoft introduced Window 7. I first met Amanda at a BNI meeting, where she approached me after hearing I was moving my dental office. She mentioned her and Ron, her husband, owned a company that handles the technology side of business.

After an initial meeting with Ron, it was apparent he was my guy. Just during a walk-through, he came up with a plan to simplify my whole technology set-up. I was so impressed, I thought "why wait until the move". Ron constructed a new server, repaired my network, and created a work domain that now has everything running smoothly before the move. After the move, I just plugged everything in and it worked!

Besides the computer and domain/network, Ron has installed a new phone and surveillance system. Sounds like a lot of equipment and wires to deal with: not when Ron was done. Since we planned everything out prior to the install, there is hardly a wire visible: everything is hidden and ran to a closet where Ron mounted a rack for all my technology based equipment. Thank you KCM Technologies for finally having a computer network I can depend on."

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