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Website Design

Here are some of the websites that we have designed. A good website focuses on simplicity while being aesthetically pleasing and fostering essential information. If any of these values are disrupted, it could lead to the distraction of the viewer.

We like to target our audience, and captivate them with only information that they are looking to find. And build trust in the business at which is being presented.

Certo Dental

Website SC.png
Certo Dental Office

The ultimate goal with this website was to foster a place for presentation of Dr. Peter C. Certo's dentistry work. This site provides the basic website necessities, while displaying important information of services and examples of such sevices.

The site also fosters links to payment portals and new patient forms.

MK Mechanical Services Inc.

Website SC.png
MK Mechanical Services Inc.

This site features the typical set of pages; Home, Services, About, Contact. The client wanted additional forms for collection of job applications and service request forms for ticketing.

Streamlining business ticketing was the main priority with this site. When a ticket is submitted, it goes through an email automation to a mailbox of their choice.

The Sarasota Breakfast Club

SRQ BC Website SC.png
Sarasota Breakfast Club

This site was different from our typical site. Presentation of an organization rather than a service was the goal with this website for the Sarasota Breakfast Club.

The highlights of this website include the presentation of membership. Each member of the group has their business information linked from this site.

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