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IT Services in Real Estate

Technology Demands in Real Estate

Real estate demands in technology are unique to each and every company. Depending on what area in real estate your business is, IT support and management will likely fit in business function.

At KCM Technology, we market our experience to those who would benefit the most from managed IT services. Whether you are a realtor, real estate developer, or even a real estate broker.. We would like to extend our expertise towards you and your business. In our experience working with clients associated in the field of real estate, we have recognized the overwhelming reliance on communication methods. Communication between realtor, home buyer, or internal agents is a very critical aspect of your business. Email protection is imperative in today's industry with all concern over cybersecurity and ransomware. With our services in email filtering, it would provide a great sense of security and reliability.


Deciding if IT services are right for you, it is beneficial to reflect on how heavily you or your business relies on the use of technology in the form of email, file sharing, data protection, or even use of hosted CRM platforms. If you are unsure of what you are currently missing out on, we would be happy to meet with you today, for a Free consultation and or network discovery.

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What Benefits Do IT Services Hold

Manged IT support will provide you and your business with the reliability of partnership where we will be your technology lifeline. Having a partnership with us means when an issue arises, it can be resolved in a very timely fashion. We strive to provide very quick response times, and service for any issues that may arise. Desktop support can be handled remotely or on-site depending on the circumstances.


If your real estate business has any data that is being stored locally within a local network, It is worth mentioning that the reliability of your network security and data preservation is at the highest of priorities. KCM Technology will handle the data storage disaster recovery and retention plans. We will also provide you and your business with documentation on the structure of data storage and data backups.

The cost associated with managed IT services are just a fraction of what it would cost keeping your services in-house. We understand the time commitments and constraints that architects go through, and it would not only be a burden to your business to try to manage your own technology, but a large time commitment. When that is considered, the cost of outsourcing to technology experts like us is very minimal.

If you are looking for a reliable partnership of affordable managed IT services, reach out to us today. We will be happy to provide a consultation to discuss what further needs your business may have.

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