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IT Services for Accountants

IT Services in the Accounting Field

Accounting is a profession that requires preservation of lots of financial information pertaining to many businesses and individuals. Handling all of these financial documents comes with the responsibility of keeping them safe and organized. Financial accountants, tax accountants, and even managerial accounting all benefit from managed IT services.

KCM Technology has provided managed IT services to the field of accounting, and have designed networks suited to the needs of the perspective client. For large and small, the most common denominator between them is the need for simple file sharing and disaster recovery planning. Instant access to all business information and financial documentation is easily achievable with a structured domain environment with a file server. This alleviates problems with files sharing between peers on a network, and provides an environment welcoming to document scanning and storage.

One of the most important considerations when looking for IT services is identifying your goals as a business, and problems that it currently faces. We at KCM believe that the first priority is to establish a solid infrastructure in the IT security with firewalls, backup retention policies, and recovery plans with redundancies. Once this is established, we can then begin to build on that backbone, and custom configure all of the nuances of your network.

If your accounting firm is looking to consider managed IT services from KCM Technology, reach out to us today.

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Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services for Accounting Firms

The most notable benefits of outsourcing IT services for your accounting business is the access to on-demand support. This means with any sort of installation or general issue with devices or software, KCM is readily available to support and assist with the issue.


Reliability and trust in your network are essential. KCM strives to accommodate most accounting firms by providing a piece of mind that their network is reliable and trust that we will generate a strategic plan for any instance of data recovery.

The cost savings are immense when put into perspective compared to keeping IT in-house. We will do our part in monitoring and maintaining all of your devices to avoid downtime and outages. That way you can do your part, by focusing on accounting.

Software for Accountants

Depending on the niche of accounting your business focuses on, we are flexible in supporting a multitude of software. Here are some of the software titles we have worked with and have experience with:

  • QuickBooks Enterprise (On-Prem)

  • QuickBooks Online (Cloud)

  • NetSuite ERP

  • Paychex

Cloud services vs. on-prem services are a major discussion point in all of our consultations. The ease of access to cloud software from anywhere is attractive for more remote environments, however on-prem servers are just as reliable and downtime can be easily controlled. KCM is not partial to either service form, and will work with your business to accommodate whatever existing software you may have.

If you are interested in learning more about what KCM has to offer for Accountants, please reach out to us at the link below!

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